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Celebration 2007

Dean Harry Katz introduces the 2007 Groat Award winner, Jay Waks '68

"It is now my pleasure to recognize the many accomplishments of Jay Waks.

"After receiving his BS from the ILR School and then his JD from Cornell Law School and clerking for Federal district Judge Inzer Wyatt, Jay joined Kay Scholer where he is now a partner in the Litigation Department and chair of its Employment and Labor Law Practice.

"Jay’s efforts to promote workplace diversity include his role as the General counsel and Board and Executive committee member of Legal Momentum, he has also chaired the CPR’s Employment Disputes committee for more than two decades, leading a tripartite panel of nationally prominent plaintiffs’ and defendants’ lawyers, neutrals and academics in designing cutting edge alternatives to resolve discrimination and other workplace disputes.

"In some quarters Jay is known as the favorite son of Cornell. He is the first ILR alumnus to serve as Chair of the Cornell University council. He is a member of the ILR Advisory Council, and chair of the Cornell Law School’s Advisory Council.

"Jay and Harriet helped the ILR School expand its international programs through the support that comes from the Waks Family Fund for International Education and Research at the School.

"Jay and I have had the pleasure of working along with Dave Lipsky on a series of cases on behalf of New York City’s police officers and the PBA, and along the way in addition to having a lot of fun, and doing what we could to help the deserving police office officers, Jay has helped me understand how dispute resolution procedures really work.

"It is now my pleasure to ask Jay to come forward."

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