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Events of Interest to the ILR Graduate Community

Graduate Student Association (GSA) Events
Boat Cruise (August) - GSA hosts a Cayuga Lake cruise to kick off the academic year for MILRS to meet new students and reconnect with returning peers.
Career Work Groups
(September - November) - Second year MILRs guide first year students in this structured program that includes personalized advice on resumes, cover letters, and how to best approach recruitment.
Town Hall Meeting
 (November & April) - Each semester, MILRs are invited to share their thoughts and provide feedback about the program through an open discussion forum.
Winter and Spring Formal (April & November) - Winter and Spring Formals are held in November and April to celebrate the end of each semester.
Faculty Student Basketball Game (April) - MILRs play against ILR faculty members in this highly anticipated basketball game in which the faculty has historically dominated the basketball court.
Wine Tour
 (April) - A day trip is planned by GSA each spring to visit several wineries along the Finger Lakes with a picnic beside the lake.
Discover MILR Social (April) - A social is organized by GSA for admitted students to meet and interact with current MILRs during Discover MILR.

International Graduate Student Association (IGSA) Events
Internship Search Workshops and Panels for International Students
(September/October) - Various workshops are organized to help prepare international students for recruitment. This includes, but is not limited to, videoconferences with recent alumni, networking simulations and panels with current students.
Diwali/Thanksgiving Party
(November) - To celebrate two major holidays, the Thanksgiving/Diwali party is a great opportunity for American students to learn about this important Indian festival, and for international students to take part in an American tradition.
Lunar New Year Party
(January/February) - The Lunar New Year is the most important festival in many countries in Asia, such as Korea and China. Since many of our students come from these areas, this is another opportunity to celebrate in a traditional festival and learn its customs.
Iron Chef
(March) - Students face off in a cooking challenge where they must incorporate a secret ingredient. Judges include program administrators and professors.
Culture Night (April) - 2013 marks the 7th edition of the annual Culture Night. This is the biggest event hosted by the IGSA where students, both local and international, share information, dances, songs, etc. from their respective regions. This popular event is a great learning opportunity for everyone and a fun way to celebrate the end of the term.

Human Capital Association (HCA) Events
Fall Symposium (October) : Fall symposium is one of the highlights of the MILR education experience. Executives from across all industries are invited to present on a theme chosen by the HCA. Students are able to learn straight from the experts and network with potential employers before interview season.
Case Night (Once a month) : Each month one corporate sponsor presents an actual problem they are experiencing within their business. MILR students work collectively and in groups to crack the case and provide real solutions to the business.
Case Competition (October) : The HCA sponsors a team each year to compete in the Deloitte Human Capital Case Competition held at Vanderbilt University. Cornell's HCA team won the event in September 2012.
Guest Bar Tending (November or March) : Members of the HCA board guest bar tend for HCA members and sponsor the 1st round of drinks. This event serves as a social mixer between the Johnson School of Business and the MILR school.
Spring Event (February and/or March) : The HCA selects a topic and works with a corporate sponsor with expertise in that area to provide a learning event for students. Examples include Virtual Teams with Cisco, Mediation with GE, and Compensation Design with Pepsi.
West Point Leadership Trek (April) : Students take a trip West Point campus to experience a full day of Military Leadership Training. Learning includes high risk/combat leadership, military training systems, and mock negotiation.