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MILR Concentration: Labor Market Policy

Berenice Dusausoy MILR/MM 09 and Kurt Johnson MILR 10

In the Labor Market Policy concentration candidates are prepared for careers in public policy toward labor markets. These are careers that analyze, develop, and administer public policy; careers that will often bridge government, private firms, and non-profit organizations. The curriculum provides students with skills that will enable them to evaluate government policies. It also provides students with knowledge of public and private institutions that are fundamental to the operation of the labor market.

Core Courses

All MILR candidates must complete the following six core courses

  • ILRCB 5000 Collective Bargaining
  • ILRCB 5010 Labor Relations Law and Legislation
  • ILRST 5110 Statistical Methods for Social Sciences
  • ILROB 5200 Organizational Behavior and Analysis
  • ILRLE 5400 Labor Economics
  • ILRHR 5600 Human Resource Management

Concentration Courses

In addition to the 6 core MILR courses, students must complete a minimum of 6 courses that explicitly prepare them for a public policy-oriented career. Under the direction of their faculty advisor, students should design a course of study that suits their needs. These include courses in principles of policy evaluation, courses in in the economics of the labor market, and general policy courses. With the faculty advisor's approval, students may choose from any of the courses below, among others, to complete their concentration requirements. Courses likely to be offered include:

  • ILRLE 4430Compensation, Incentives, and Productivity
  • ILRLE 4440The Evolution of Social Policy in Britain and America
  • ILRLE 4450 Women in the Economy
  • ILRLE 4470Social and Economic Data
  • ILRLE 6420 The Economic Analysis of the Welfare State 
  • ILRLE 6480 Economic Analysis of the University
  • ILRLE 7410Applied Econometrics I
  • ILRLE 7412Applied Econometrics II
  • ILRHR 6601 Research on Education Reform and Human Resource Policy
  • ILRIC 6020 Corporate Social Responsibility: Human Rights, Labor and the Environment
  • ILRIC 6350 Labor Markets, Income Distribution, and Globalization: Perspectives on the Developing World
  • ILRLR 6840 Employment Discrimination and the Law
  • ILRST 3100 Statistical Sampling
  • ILRST 6100 Statistical Methods I
  • CRP 6012 Legal Aspects of Public Agency Decision-Making
  • ECON 3350 Public Finance: The Microeconomics of Government
  • ECON 3360 Public Finance: Resource Allocation and Fiscal Policy
  • PAM 2040 Economics of the Public Sector
  • PAM 4460 Economics of Social Security 
  • An approved independent study that focuses on a research question


Students in the Labor Market Policy concentration enroll in a minimum of 4 additional free electives. While these electives could focus on public policy, they may focus on other areas as well. For examples they could include courses on negotiation or international human resource management.

Professor Gary Fields
ILR Faculty Members in the Labor Market Policy