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Climate Jobs

The Cornell GLI examines the potential job impact of climate, sustainable transportation, and renewable energy policies.  For 2012, GLI will be exploring how direct hire climate jobs programs can both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce current levels of unemployment.

New York State Climate Jobs Project

This project will explore policy options for New York State (NYS) that could help it meet its emissions reduction responsibilities and commitments in a way that could significantly reduce presently high levels of unemployment. The project will consider how approaches like those used by the Works Progress Administration and the Civic Works Administration during the New Deal period could generate "climate jobs" in NYS, and thus broaden the economic development options available to policy makers. More specifically, the project will examine what "climate jobs" are needed to reduce emissions, as well as how such a direct-hire programs could be paid for and administered.

Resources on Climate Jobs

One Million Climate Jobs- Pamphlet

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