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A New Vision, New Program for Global Labor: A Discussion of Development Alternatives Based on the Global Trade Union Task Force Report

June 25, 2010


  • Marcela Olivera, Federation of Factory Workers and RedVida (Bolivia)
  • Ai-jen Poo, Executive Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance (United States)
  • Ashim Roy, General Secretary, New Trade Union Initiative (India)
  • Roger Toussaint, Strategic Planning Director, Transport Workers Union (United States)
  • Cornell University Global Labor Institute (convener of the Global Trade Union Task Force)


United Auto Workers’ Building: Taurus
next to COBO Hall


Join a vibrant discussion on the need for the international labor movement to adopt a new vision and program for the future- grounded in social solidarity, climate protection, genuinely sustainable development, reclaiming the commons, rebuilding the public sphere, economic restructuring and democracy and a new approach to work. The current social, financial and ecological crises and the need to rebuild the trade union movement in many parts of the world demands a more far-reaching trade union agenda that addresses intense poverty, increasing social inequality, a severe lack of decent employment, quality education, health care, and affordable housing, and growing environmental devastation. This discussion will build off the work of the Global Trade Union Task Force- a group of twenty trade union leaders and researchers from the Global North and South- and their forthcoming report on Development Alternatives. Trade union staff, leaders and activists as well as individuals working in other social movements are welcome to be a part of this debate.

For more information, contact Jill Kubit.