Cornell University

Program on Globalization and the Workplace

Basic Need

An estimated one billion people in the world live on less than one U.S. dollar per person per day and another 1.6 billion live on between one and two U.S. dollars per person per day. Is globalization helping or hurting these people? What is happening to the other four billion of the world’s people? How can the forces of globalization be redesigned to provide improved earning opportunities for the poor?

Although the process of globalization is affecting working people everywhere, no university has a major program on globalization and the world of work. Accordingly, we have established a Program on Globalization and the Workplace at the world's leading academic institution for the workplace, the ILR School at Cornell University.

While private sector employers do not necessarily need the workers of any given developing country, the workers in each poor country desperately need the private sector. Thus, consistent with the ILR School’s historic mission, we are seeking win-win solutions from which both working people and employers stand to benefit.

See the Program Activity page for further information on this program.