Cornell University

Program on Globalization and the Workplace


A generous gift has been provided by David M. Cohen ’73 and Abby Joseph Cohen ’73 to enable the program to launch a number of new activities between 2007 and 2010. These activities are described below. Our goals are to expand the funding for the startup phase so that additional activities can be undertaken and assure funding for subsequent years so that these activities will be sustained into the future.

The program will study and generate new knowledge about the changing world of work in today's global economy, offer educational and research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students, and influence policies and practices affecting the lives of low-wage workers throughout the world. It will have a substantial presence both in New York City and in Ithaca.

At present, the program is:

• Supporting  faculty research on policies for helping low-wage workers earn their way out of poverty through more and better wage and salaried employment and improved self-employment earnings.

• Encouraging student research on these issues by providing a graduate research assistantship and offering funds for undergraduates to participate in faculty research.

• Strengthening the undergraduate experience by developing a new course on Globalization and the Workplace and providing stipends for undergraduate students to participate in faculty research and policy debates.

• Disseminating research by running an ongoing speaker series and holding a major kickoff event.