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National Country Report

Rafaeli, Anat, and Vilnai-Yavetz, Iris.  2005.  Israel Call Center Industry.

Highlights of the National Report

Call centers in Israel are a private sector development, with little or no government regulation or influence from the central government.  Managerial practices and outcomes reflect local managerial policies rather than government policies.   Given the recent nature of call center activity and the lack of an official registry of these organizations, we identified survey participants through a range of methods, including telephone books and the internet.  The data was collected through on-site interviews.

In-house Centers and Subcontractors

Compared to in-house centers, subcontractors report greater workloads, lower compensation, greater use of performance-based pay, and greater turnover.

Turnover and Employee Tenure

Turnover in Israeli call centers is higher than in other industries.  Centers that invest more in training also have lower turnover rates, although it is unclear whether these two are causally related. Average seniority in the centers in this survey is slightly more than one year, while the national average tenure in other industries is 5-8 years.

Israeli Research Team

Anat Rafaeli
Faculty of Industrial Eng. & Mngnt.
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa  32000   ISRAEL

Iris Vilnai-Yavetz
Department of Business Administration
Ruppin Academic Center
Emek Hefer, 40250, Israel

Co-sponsors of the report: Israel Ministry of Trade and Employment

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