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Global Call Center Project

169 Ives Faculty Building, 607-254-4437

The Project

The Global Call Center Project is a collaborative network of over 40 academic researchers in 20 countries.  The focus of the project is to assess the development of the emerging call center sector in each country and to compare the management strategies and employment systems and outcomes of these enterprises within and across countries. Read more.

The Report: International Perspectives on Management & Employment

Global Call Center ReportThe Global Call Center Report is the first large scale international study of call center management and employment practices across all regions of the globe.  Covering almost 2,500 centers in 17 countries, this survey provides a detailed account of the similarities and differences in operations across widely diverse national contexts and cultures.  The call centers in the study employ a total of 475,000 workers. Read more.

Project Coordinators

Rosemary Batt
Alice H. Cook Professor of Women & Work
ILR School, Cornell University
387 Ives Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

David Holman
Institute of Work Psychology
University of Sheffield
Sheffield  S10 2TN  UK

Dr. Ursula Holtgrewe
Forschungs- und Beratungsstelle Arbeitswelt (FORBA)
(Working Life Research Centre)
Aspernbrueckengasse 4/5
A 1020 Wien