Cornell University

Founding Faculty

vision · commitment · determination

Milton R. Konvitz


Essays & Statements:


  • Constitution and Civil Rights
  • Alien and Asiatic in American Law
  • On the Nature of Value
  • Civil Rights in Immigration
  • Expanding Liberties
  • Fundamental Liberties of a Free People
  • Religious Liberty and Conscience
  • Judaism and the American Idea
  • A Century of Civil Rights

Books edited (selected list):

  • Freedom and Experience (with Sidney Hook)
  • Aspects of Liberty (with Clinton Rossiter)
  • Essays in Political Theory (with A.E. Murphy)
  • Emerson: Twentieth Century-Views (with Stephen Whicher)
  • Recognition of Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Judaism and Human Rights
  • First Amendment Freedoms
  • Legacy of Horace M. Kallen

Editorial Boards:

  • Jewish Social Studies (co-editor) (quarterly)
  • Midstream, chairman of Editorial Board (monthly)
  • Judaism (quarterly) (co-founder with Robert Gordis and Will Herberg)
  • Industrial and Labor Relations Review (founding editor) (quarterly)
  • Employee Relations Law Review (quarterly)
  • Journal of Law and Religion (twice a year)
  • New Leader (bi-weekly)
  • Encyclopedia Judaica
  • Political Communication & Persuasion: quarterly

Encyclopedias (lead articles):

  • Dictionary of History of Ideas
  • Encyclopedia Britannica (14th ed.)
  • International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences
  • Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • Guide to American Law
  • Dictionary of American History

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