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Milton R. Konvitz


Publications About Milton Konvitz

Rights, Liberties, and Ideals: The Contributions of Milton R. Konvitz
by David J. Danelski Fred B. Rothman @ Co., Littleton, Colorado 80127 1983
Milton Konvitz (Ph.D. '33) embodied the spirit of Cornell University. An authority on civil rights and human rights, and constitutional and labor law, he served on the Cornell faculty for 27 years, holding dual appointments at the Law School and the School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

The ILR School at Fifty: Voices of the Faculty, Alumni & Friends
A collection of reflections on the first fifty years of the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. Compiled by Robert B. McKersie, J. Gormly Miller, Robert L. Aronson, and Robert R. Julian. Edited by Elaine Gruenfeld Goldberg.