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Maurice F. Neufeld


Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations
New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Cornell University
Emeritus, 1976-­

Born: October 27, 1910, Washington, D.C.


  • Elementary: Webster School, Washington, D.C., 1916-1923.
  • Secondary: Central High School, Washington, D.C., 1923-1927.


  • George Washington University, 1927-1928.
  • University of Wisconsin, B.A., M.A. (American History), 1932.
  • University of Wisconsin, Ph.D., 1935 (Major: American History; Minors: Public Administration, Labor History).
  • M.A. Thesis: Cincinnati, Queen of the West: A Study in a Post ­Frontier Civilization.
  • Ph.D. Thesis: The Influence of the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 on the Idea of a Planned Civilization in the United States.


Professional Career


  • Instructor, Medieval History, University of Wisconsin, 1934-1935.
  • Secretary and Chief Assistant in Research and Economics, New Jersey State Planning Board, December 1935-September 1939.
  • Director of the Division of State Planning, New York State, September 1939-May 1941.
  • Deputy Commissioner of Commerce, New York State Division of Commerce, May 1941-November 1942.
  • Director, New York State Bureau of Rationing, December 1941-May 1942.
  • Assistant Coordinator of State War Plans, New York State War Council, May 1942-November 1942.
  • Chairman, Planning Committee, Federal Advisory Council of Defense, Health, and Welfare Services, 1941-1942.
  • Member, Post-War Public Works Planning Commission, 1942.
  • Chairman, Central Statistical Committee, Albany Chapter, American Statistical Association, 1940-1942.
  • Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations, New York State School Of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, 1945-1976. Professor Emeritus, 1976-Present.
  • Labor Relations Consultant, The Xerox Corporation, 1955-1986.
  • Co-Director, Labor Relations Seminar, Bologna Center of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, 1956-1957.
  • Board of Editors, Labor History, 1959-1974.
  • Visiting Scholar, School of Labor and Industrial Relations, Michigan State University , Spring 1961.
  • Labor Advisory Committee, Agency for International Development, 1962-1964.
  • Chairman, Department of Collective Bargaining, Labor Law, and Labor Movements, New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, September 1965-September 1969.
  • National Labor Panel of the American Arbitration Association, 1967­-Present.
  • Panel of Mediators, Fact-Finders, and Arbitrators of the New York State Public Employment Relations Board, 1969-Present.
  • Public Employment Disputes Settlement Panel of the American Arbitration Association, 1969-Present.
  • Labor Relations Consultant, Endicott Forging and Manufacturing Company, Inc., 1969-1971.
  • Mediation Panel, New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission, 1969-1974.
  • Fact Finders Panel, Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board, 1970-1975.
  • Panel of Arbitrators, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, 1971-Present.
  • Panel of Arbitrators, National Mediation Board, 1972-Present.
  • Board of Editorial Advisors, Samuel Gompers Papers, 1974-Present.
  • Advisory Committee, Oral History Project: "The Twentieth Century Trade Union Woman: Vehicle for Social Change," 1975-1980.
  • Panel of Arbitrators, New York State Commission of Correction, 1976-Present.
  • Member, Advisory Committee, History of Labor in American Politics, 1979-1982.
  • Member, Board of Trustees, Tompkins County Public Library, 1979-1984.


  • Assistant Officer in Charge (1st Lt.), Employee Relations Section, Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot (16,000 civilian employees), December 1942-May 1943.
  • Personal Assistant, Senior Civil Affairs Officer, Seventh Army, Sicily, July-August 1943.
  • Personal Assistant, Senior Civil Affairs Officer, Palermo Province, Sicily, August-October 1943.
  • Executive Officer (Capt.), Regional Headquarters, Sicily, Naples, Rome, and Milan regions of Allied Military Government, October 1943­- November 1945.


  • Dramatics Director, League for Industrial Democracy's Labor Chautauqua, West Virginia Progressive Mine Workers, Summer 1931.
  • Organizer, Amalgamated Clothing Workers, Philadelphia, July-December 1935.
  • Education Director, Trenton Local, International Ladies' Garment Workers, 1935-1939.
  • Instructor, Business and Professional Girls, Young Women's Christian Association, Trenton, 1935-1939.


  • Phi Betta Kappa.
  • Industrial Relations Research Association.
  • Society for Italian Historical Studies.
  • Organization of American Historians.
  • American Committee on the History of the Second World War.
  • Study Group on International Labor and Working Class History.
  • New York State Labor History Association.