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Jean McKelvey


Books and Monographs:

The Uses of Field Work in Teaching Economics. Sarah Lawrence College, 1939. Also reprinted in Helen Lynd, Field Work in College Education. New York : Columbia University Press, 1945.

AFL Attitudes Toward Production: 1900-1932. Cornell Studies in Industrial and Labor Relations. Volume II. 1952.

Dock Labor Disputes in Great Britain : A Study in the Persistence of Industrial Unrest. ILR Bulletin 23, March 1953.

Editor of Annual Proceedings, National Academy of Arbitrators, published in book form by the Bureau of National Affairs:

Arbitration Today (1955)
Management Rights and the Arbitration Process (1956)
Critical Issues in Labor Arbitration (1957)
The Profession of Labor Arbitration (1957)
The Arbitrator and the Parties (1958)
Arbitration and the Law (1959)
Challenges to Arbitration (1960)

Editor, The Duty of Fair Representation (Ithaca: ILR Press, 1977)

Editor, The Changing Law of Fair Representation (Ithaca: ILR Press, 1985)

Editor, Cleared for Takeoff: Airline Labor Relations Since Deregulation (Ithaca: ILR Press, 1988). Listed by Princeton as one of the Distinguished Publications in 1990.


The Liverpool Movement for Abolition of the English Slave Trade," Journal of Negro History, Fall 1928.

"Union-Management Cooperation in the Southern Organizing Campaign," Journal of Political Economy, October 1933.

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"The Factor of Ability in Labor Relations," in Arbitration Today, Chapter 3.

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"The National Academy After Twelve Years: A Symposium," in Challenges toArbitration, Chapter 2.

"The American City and Its Public Employee Unions," Part IV, Collective Bargaining in the Public Service. IRRA, Proceedings of the 1966 Annual Spring Meeting. Chairman of the Session. Introductory Remarks, pp. 68-69.

"The Role of State Agencies in Public Employee Labor Relations," ILR Review, January 1967.

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"Fact Finding in Public Employment Disputes: Promise or Illusion?" ILR Review, July 1969.

"Sex and the Single Arbitrator," ILR Review, Aparil 1971, pp. 335-353. Also reprinted as 'The Presidential Address" in Arbitration and the Public Interest, Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the National Academy of Arbitrators, Washington: BNA, 1971, pp. 1-29.

"The Future of the Art" in Wertheimer and Nelson, eds., Women as Third-Party Neutrals (Ithaca: ILR Press, 1978).

"The Western New York State Arbitration Training Progyam, 1971-1972" (with A. Grant) and "Some Unanswered Questions," in Colosi, ed., Dispute Resolution Training, Selected Proceedings of the Second Wingspread Conference (N.Y.: American Arbitration Association, 1978).

"Discipline and Discharge," in Zack, ed., Arbitration in Practice (Ithaca : ILR Press, 1984).

"Ethics Then and Now," Proceedings of the 1985 Annual Meeting, National Academy of Arbitrators, 1986.

Public Documents:

Final Report to the Industrial Commissioner, State of New York, from Board of Inquiry on Rochester Transit Work Stoppage. New York, September 23, 1952. 83 pages.

Report to the President, Emergency Board #160,. August 1964.

Jean T. McKelvey, editor, "Cook County Commissioners' Fact Finding Board Report on Collective Bargaining and County Public Aid Employees," ILR Review, April 1967.

Final Report to the Rochester Board of Education, in the Matter of Detennining Appropriate Bargaining Units and Representation Procedures for Non-Represented Employees of the City School District , November 20, 1967.

Report to the President, Emergency Board #179, April 14, 1971.

Book Reviews:

In various issues of American Economic Review, JournaI of Economic History, Cornell Law Quarterly, ILR Review.