Cornell University

Unrestricted College Funds

Deans Funds

Fund Group: General Funds
Sub Fund Group: GNAPPR

Definition: Unrestricted funds generated by the college for current use approved for distribution by the Dean and allocated to departments. These funds are primarily derived from tuition income, indirect cost recoveries, and earnings on investments. Account balances in these funds are returned to the dean at the end of Cornell’s fiscal year (June 30th).

Designated Funds

Fund Group: General Funds
Sub Fund Group: GNDEPT

Definition: Unrestricted funds that have been specified for use in a particular department (for example, support of specific programs or faculty research accounts) or have been generated by activity of that department in return for providing a specific service. With the exception of the Extension Division’s Regular College Fund accounts, which are returned to the Extension Operating Reserve, the fund balances in these accounts remain in the accounts at Cornell’s fiscal year-end (June 30th). The categories of income which are normally planned in designated (department) funds include, but are not limited to, earnings on investments, unrestricted gifts, departmental sales and services, transfers in to support specific department activities, and program income.