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The UCLEA Northeast Regional Summer Institute for Trade Union Women

Twenty-Five Years:
Celebrating Our Past,
Organizing for the Future

The 25th UCLEA Northeast Regional Summer Institute for Trade Union Women will be at the University of Connecticut in Storrs July 23-28, 2000.

The Summer Institute is a five-day residential school sponsored by the University and College Labor Education Association (UCLEA).

This year the Institute will be hosted by the Labor Education Center at the University of Connecticut and co-sponsored by the AFL-CIO Education Department and the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW). The coordinators of the Summer Institute are Maria-Luz Samper of the University of Connecticut and Susan Tindall of UNITE.

The school brings union women together---rank-and-file members, staff, and officers---to help strengthen their knowledge of the American labor movement, understand its present challenges and issues, and develop skills that will motivate them to be more active union members. Union women will:

  • Learn the structure of the American labor movement and their own unions;

  • Learn about union tools, such as collective bargaining and political activities, and how to use them to address issues of concern to union women;

  • Develop the skills needed to increase their participation in their unions and to organize unorganized women; and

  • Get to meet and know their sisters from other unions.

A note on UCLEA: UCLEA will merge with Worker's Education Local # 189 in April 2000. The new group will be known as the United Association of Labor Educators (UALE).

For the purposes of the 25th Anniversary we are continuing to identify the Northeast Regional Summer School with UCLEA, although our web address already reflects the change to UALE.

Have questions about The UCLEA Northeast Regional Summer Institute for Trade Union Women?
Please email Maria-Luz Samper.

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