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Executive Education

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The Partnership Approach

Long-Term Partnerships that Drive Sustainable Success

Customized HR Executive Development

Our approach to custom HR development is founded on building long-term, sustainable partnerships with clients.  This approach allows us to provide flexible, adaptive curricula to quickly meet changing firm needs.  A long-term commitment also means our faculty and management team become trusted advisors to your organization—fostering open communication and mediating between stakeholders when needed to further your change agenda.

Design & Development Methodology

Our process begins with input from your HR leadership team and other corporate areas, which we then use to create a preliminary custom program proposal.  Once the proposed concept is accepted, we work closely with your HR leadership team to lay out a clear learning strategy to fit your specific business and unit goals.

We believe one size does not fit all.  We take our cues from your business strategy, rather than relying on standardized formats, delivery methods or curricula.  Yet, regardless of company, our customized programs are linked firmly to the ILR School’s world-class workplace research.  Our faculty are extremely adept at tailoring this research and its applications to your specific business needs—now and into the future.

The development phase allows our management team to become part of your organization, as they develop an in-depth understanding of your business, culture and challenges.  Such understanding ensures our programs are truly embedded in your organization’s business strategy, adding another level of accountability for results that rests outside the HR function.

Delivery & Action

Our course delivery blends in-class case studies, real-time application, and action learning projects to help integrate learning into practice. Each custom program focuses on the practical approaches executives can take to address business challenges in their organizations. The focus of application addresses issues at the level of individuals, teams, the HR community and the organization as a whole.  Additionally, the ILR Executive Education program coordination staff provides a seamless, professional program experience for course attendees—from pre- and post-program communication, to logistics and materials.