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Executive Education

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Our Custom Capabilities & Faculty

We can provide two types of customized service depending on your needs. All custom options can be delivered on-site at the location of your choice (in the U.S. or abroad), or on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY.:

  • Deliver an open-enrollment course with some customization for your firm’s specific needs (e.g. cases focused on your industry, competition).
  • Develop, design and deliver a complete one-time custom course, or integrated multi-phase development program, for your chosen HR and/or line populations.

Our Faculty

Our customized programs draw on faculty members from Cornell’s ILR School, as well as on other experienced, world-class faculty at Cornell and other institutions.

Taught By Thought Leaders ...

Our faculty research, develop and refine the leading strategic human resource theories and models everyone else is teaching. Their work is the foundation for many modern HR practices. Custom program participants have the rare opportunity to question and interact one-on-one with researchers who have intimate knowledge of their topics.

With Real-World Experience.

Our faculty leaders are also grounded in the mind of the HR practitioner. All have either worked in their fields of expertise in the private sector or provided consulting services to HR leaders in major corporations. Several faculty are also members of the Center for Advanced HR Studies’ (CAHRS) Board of Directors, allowing them frequent interaction with senior HR leaders. In turn, the daily challenges faced by those HR leaders informs faculty research and teaching agendas—providing a continuous education feedback loop creating rich, relevant content anchored in the real world.