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The Modern CHRO Role & Strategies for Success: Testimonials

Members of our inaugural class describe the program experience in their own words—its one-of-a-kind format, content, perspective, and value to their future career success.

"To me, the willingness of the CHROs to come in and candidly discuss their personal development, challenges of the job and openly talk about the mistakes they have made was extremely valuable. What a great opportunity to learn what is required of the modern CHRO from the source!"
— Vice President, Eaton Corporation

"The most valuable program I have ever attended. Assuming a CHRO role without the insights, practical advice and support system provided by this program would be a major mistake. Utterly indispensable for anyone who aspires to the CHRO role."
— Senior Vice President, Cablevision Systems Corporation

"I found the candor of the speakers to be most helpful. Rarely will those within your own company risk sharing their lessons learned, fears and mistakes, and this session provided much appreciated insights to those of us hoping to join the ranks some day."
— Vice President, Tyco International

"The best part about the course was the personal interest that each of the CHRO speakers took in us as individuals and the frankness with which they spoke.  It was as if they had stored up much of their thinking for years and now had an opportunity to pour it out for our benefit ... and they did it with great care.  I couldn't have gained this depth of insight in any of the more structured programs I have attended."
— Senior HR Executive, Aetna Inc.

"This program provided me the candid insights, as well as actionable strategies, directly from the best CHROs in the world."
— Vice President, Gap, Inc.

"The personal interaction with some of the most senior HR executives was extremely valuable as a realistic insight into what it really takes to be a CHRO."
— Vice President, Alcoa, Inc.