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Data Driven Decision Making in HR – Analytics, Metrics & Scorecards

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As more large and mid-sized companies implement ERP systems that capture and store a variety of data, human resource professionals have greater ability than ever to use data to drive decision making. But what data? And what decisions? How do you develop systems that not only lead to better decision making, but may in fact provide the power to help predict and prevent problems? HR Analytics can help you answer those questions.

Learning Objectives

This intensive two-day program focuses on the critical tools and skills needed to make data-driven linkages between HR and organizational/business unit performance. Participants will learn ways to collect and use data to evaluate the primary HR-related drivers of costs and productivity. Examples, exercises, and cases provide opportunities for discussion and hands-on learning. The course also includes a "statistics refresher," emphasizing interpretation and practical application.

Course Curriculum

  • Using HR analytics to diagnose key drivers of organization/business performance
  • Rigorously evaluating the effects of HR interventions
  • Assessing costs and consequences of important employee behaviors (e.g., turnover)
  • Moving beyond "standalone" HR metrics to understand their relationships with performance
  • Communicating results of HR analytics to diverse audiences
  • Quantitative analysis refresher with practical examples

Who Should Attend

This course is primarily designed for the private (for-profit) sector, and is intended for experienced HR executives and specialists who are (or will be) responsible for the design, implementation, and/or management of HR analytics. HR generalists and business partners at every level will especially benefit from the course.


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Program Manager 
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