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A distinct advantage of our programs is their applicability to the complex reality of HR manager roles in today’s firms. An integral part of that experience is providing managers with a face-to-face view from the top through sessions led by senior HR executive faculty. These sessions give executive students a rare glimpse into the world of the Chief Human Resource Officer—a world that is positioned exactly at that critical intersection of business strategy and human capital. Below is a selected list of senior HR executives who have joined our programs over the years, as well as other academic partners from institutions around the globe.

Ken Carrig
Chief Human Resources Officer
Sun Trust Banks, Inc.

L. Kevin Cox
Executive Vice President of Human Resources
American Express

James J. (Jim) Duffy
Chief Human Resources Officer
Ally Financial

Pamela Kimmet
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Coca-Cola Enterprises

John Murabito
Executive Vice President, Human Resources & Services
CIGNA Corporation

Eva Sage-Gavin
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Gap, Inc.