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February 6, Online

"Jobs and Pay: The U.S. Employment Picture and What It Means for HR's Salary Budget and Your Paycheck"

Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Time: 12:00 p.m. (EST)
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The recession of the late 2000's is officially over, but the employment market has been much slower to recover. For most of us, the recession won't "feel" over until we see stronger growth in job prospects and take-home pay. Join Professor Kevin Hallock for a 30-minute interpretation of the just-released "Employment Situation" report and other figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • What do the latest U.S. employment market indicators suggest for the total salary and compensation budget in your company, as well as your individual pay check?
  • Are pay and benefits growing? By how much?
  • What have you always wanted to know about these employment market indicators? Submit your question when you register, and we'll incorporate as many as we can into the webcast presentation.

Kevin Hallock is Donald C. Opatrny '74 Chair of the Department of Economics; Joseph R. Rich '80 Professor of Economics and of HR Studies; and Director, Institute for Compensation Studies. Hallock's recently published book, Pay: Why People Earn What They Earn and What You Can Do Now to Make More, offers an accessible roadmap through the often confusing terrain of compensation and pay practices.

Professor Hallock will be joined in the webcast by Linda Barrington, Managing Director, Institute for Compensation Studies. Barrington's most recent book is Employment and Work, a reference volume co-authored with Susanne Bruyère, ILR Associate Dean of Outreach; Professor of Disability Studies; and Director, Employment and Disability Institute.

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