Cornell University

"What is the Future of Work?"

March 13, Ithaca Campus

Steven Berkenfeld '81 is the Managing Director, Investment Banking Barclays

A timely look at technology's role in shaping the work force of the future. Will employment be sustainable? Will new career trends emerge?

Date: Wednesay, March 13, 2013

Time: 4:30 pm

Location: Robert R. Colbert, Sr. '48 Lecture Hall, 105 Ives Hall

Many are focused on the weak U.S. employment picture as a short-term problem resulting from the lingering effects of recession. Evidence is building, however, that longer run forces are driving unemployment, underemployment and anemic growth in higher-paid employment. Steven Berkenfeld will share his experience and viewpoint on management priorities, market incentives, workplace technology and sustainable employment.  

A critical issue is whether today's labor market pains are no different than those experienced at the birth of each new technological evolution. Are we experiencing the inevitable "creative destruction" process that will produce more plentiful and advanced employment opportunities in the long run or is this technological revolution somehow different in how quickly, pervasively, and perhaps irreversibly, it is reshaping work?

Cornell's ILR School looks to advance informed and open-minded cross-sector conversation about the use of new technologies throughout the U.S. economy, and what the impacts are on employment and the future of work.

Please come hear Steven introduce the topic and share your questions and comments in the Q&A.