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March 9, Online

Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains

Date: Tuesday, March 9 
Time: 12:00 to 1:00 pm (ET)

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Please join us for an in-depth discussion with...

Sarosh KuravillaSarosh Kuruvilla, Professor of Industrial Relations, Asian Studies and Public Affairs

Topic Overview

One consequence of globalization has been the increasing pressure for the global regulation of labor standards. While there are several approaches to the regulation of labor globally, we will focus in this module on the challenges that multinational firms face in ensuring that internationally recognized core labor standards are upheld throughout their supply chain. Taking a global value chain perspective, this module will cover the typical processes used by firms to uphold core labor standards throughout their supply chains, and the typical problems they face in doing so. We will also go through one case, and then discuss what are the emerging “best practices”.

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