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Day: Wednesday, November 20, 2013
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Nov 19   |   Nov 21
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November 20
Training | Yessica Guardiola
Accessible Health Services

The trainer will discuss the importance and requirements of accessible health services. (4 session, 1.5 hours each, 100 people each session)


Project: Northeast ADA Center
Sponsor: Hospital Staff
Location: Tiempo , PR
November 20
Training | Guest Speaker
CRS Milestone Training
Project: NYS Consortium for Advancement of Supported Employment
Location: Bronx, NY
November 20
Online Training | Carol Blessing
Citizen-Centered Leadership Open House

This webinar will introduce the premiere framework and foundation for the Community of Practice that distinguishes the Citizen-Centered Leadership course of study from every other on-line resource currently available and provide a brief overview of the six core areas that focus participants in sound theory and practice.

  • Citizenship and Leadership: creating opportunities of empowerment with and on behalf of people with disabilities
  • Community-Building Imperative: exploring the role that perception of disability plays in the architecture and allocation of service resources
  • Person-Centered Planning: provides the philosophic framework around which the entire course is organized
  • The Abundant Community: shifting the social status of people with disabilities from “consumer” to “contributor”
  • Making a Life by Making a Living: a step-by-step approach to supporting people with disabilities take their place in the world of work
  • A Call to Action: strategic planning approaches to service transformation

In just a half hour you will understand why the Citizen Centered Leadership Community of Practice is the single best resource in shifting the patterns that have kept people with disabilities out of typical community experience for far too long. 


Project: Citizen-Centered Leadership
Location: Webinar
November 20
Online Training
WISE Event
Project: External Clients
Nov 19   |   Nov 21
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