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Day: Thursday, October 4, 2012
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October 04
Online Training | Ray Cebula
ediONLINE 2.3: Federal Housing Subsidies

This informational seminar provides basic information pertaining to federally-subsidized housing using lecture, PowerPoint and opportunity for question and answer. Online polling will be used to test participant knowledge. A preparatory reading assignment will be provided and is required.

Project: ediONLINE
Location: Webinar
October 04
Online Training | Hannah Rudstam
NDEAM Webinar Series: "Beyond Yellow Ribbons: Creating Disability Inclusive Workplaces for Recently Returned Veterans with Disabilities"

According to the U.S. Census Bureau there about 21.8 million veterans in the U.S. with nearly 10 million in our workforce. Generally, veterans have employment and education levels similar to the overall population. Yet, younger male veterans (age 18 – 24) who served during recent engagements have an unemployment rate that is nearly double that of their non-veteran peers. Furthermore, the number of veterans with a service-connected disability has risen dramatically among Gulf War veterans. Although employers generally have positive attitudes toward employing veterans, they struggle with issues and misperceptions around employing veterans with disabilities.

In this session, we will review the statistics about returning veterans, including veterans with the signature disabilities of PTSD and TBI. Also, we will briefly review two studies suggesting some key employment-related issues and misperceptions about veterans with disabilities. Finally, we will discuss key steps employers can take to ensure veterans with disabilities are welcomed into the workforce.

Project: National Employer Technical Assistance Center
Sponsor: ODEP
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