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Day: Monday, April 15, 2013
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Apr 14   |   Apr 16
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April 15
Online Training | EDI General Partner
GLADNET Webinar Series: "Addressing the Disability Employment, Education and Economic Gap"

In high-income countries, considerable information is available on policy and program measures introduced to tackle employment, education and economic disparity experienced by individuals with disabilities. Trends in reducing and eliminating sheltered employment in this group of countries are well documented, and there is considerable evidence about new options that have emerged – including supported employment, social enterprises and telework. When it comes to the situation in low-income, developing countries, however, less information is available to inform policy decisions. This webinar draws on available evidence about work opportunities open to people with disabilities in such countries, examining what has been achieved and what remains to be done to promote decent work and tackle the poverty trap that many find themselves in. A particular focus is placed on self-employment and the development of cooperatives and small businesses, given that most new job opportunities in these countries lie in the informal economy. The discussion is set against the backdrop of international standards ratified by many developing countries that set a vision of equal opportunity and non-discrimination which must inform laws, policies and practice everywhere.

Project: GLADNET
Location: Online Webinar
Apr 14   |   Apr 16
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