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Day: Thursday, April 12, 2012
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April 12
Workshop | Carol Blessing
CDI Downstate Meeting
April 12
Presentation | Susanne Bruyère
National Council for Rehabilitation Educators (NCRE): The Aging Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities

Presentation: "The Aging Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities" by Susanne Bruyere and Judy Young

Project: National Employer Technical Assistance Center
April 12
Presentation | Erin Sember
Workplace Considerations for Employees with Non-Visible Disabilities

Workplace Considerations for Employees with Non-Visible Disabilities People with disabilities comprise a significant percentage of our society. When we think about "disability" we often picture obvious disabilities such as someone who uses a wheelchair or who is blind. But actually a large proportion of individuals with disabilities actually have non-visible disabilities such as learning disabilities or psychiatric impairments. These individuals have a unique set of needs and issues, as well as potential challenges they may encounter in the workplace. This program will explore society's view of people with non-visible disabilities and how that can be reflected in the workplace. It will also explore issues around defining disability, disclosure, and confidentiality in the workplace. Specifically, this program will enable participants to: • Explore issues around defining what a disability can be and increase their knowledge about different types of disabilities; • Consider what affects the decision to disclose a disability and what the employer's obligations and options are for responding and addressing the needs of an employee who is disclosing having a non-visible disability; • Discuss how to navigate performance management issues that involve someone with a non-visible disability; and • Learn best practices around interacting and communicating with employees with disabilities and how to create a disability inclusive workplace.

Project: Northeast ADA Center
Sponsor: Tompkins County Society for Human Resource Management
Location: Ithaca NY
April 12
Online Training | Ray Cebula
ediONLINE 2.5: Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) & VA Benefits

This informational seminar provides basic information pertaining to eligibility for and claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit as well as information pertaining to the Veterans Administration benefits using lecture, PowerPoint and opportunity for question and answer. Online polling will be used to test participant knowledge. A preparatory reading assignment will be provided and is required.

Project: ediONLINE
Location: Webinar
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