Cornell University

ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program

119 Ives Hall, 607-255-2266

Courses & Credits

Every ILR student will take three required courses at UCD during their semester abroad.  These courses are:

  • Irish History & Culture (required for all study abroad students at UCD)
  • European Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations
  • Multinationals in the Global Economy

The course on Multinationals has been designed specifically for our program and offers ILR students a unique experience by combining traditional classroom work with hands-on practical training with leading multinationals headquartered in Dublin. 

The course will feature project-based assignments for which students will actually interact with both HR and trade union professionals in these multinationals to gain first hand knowledge of the global field of work and workplace relations.  In addition to these three classes, students will pick one additional elective class from a list of available courses.  These courses will vary depending on semester.

The ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program is unique in that credits awarded at UCD will be actual ILR credits, courses will have ILR numbers, and all grades at UCD will count to your student's GPA.  These will not be transfer credits as is typical of most study abroad programs. 

Because these credits will count toward your student’s GPA, it is important that you have a frank discussion with your child about their preparedness and seriousness before committing to the program.  The focus of this study abroad program is, in fact, STUDY!  Students should not view this as a vacation, a tour of Europe, or a great way to get away from Ithaca! 

We expect students to attend class, meet all course requirements, take exams, and work hard!