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"Construction Organizing: A Case Study of Success," ; Volume on Union Organizing ; Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press ; forthcoming

"'Lighting the Spark': The COMET Mobilizes the Ranks for Construction Organizing," ; Labor Studies Journal ; 1994

"Steward Training in the Construction Industry: The UBCJA Faces the Challenge," ; Labor Studies Journal ; 1993

"Labor Law in the Construction Industry," "Organizing in the Construction Industry," and "Collective Bargaining in the Construction Industry," ; Construction Audio Project ; co-produced by the George Meany Center and Cornell University, co-editor

"Short Circuit: The Light and Power Council Strike of 1913 and the Search for Organizational Models in the IBEW," ; Occasional Papers Series ; New York Labor History Association ; 1989

"Bottom-Up Organizing in the Trades: An interview with Mike Lucas, IBEW Director of Organizing" ; Labor Research Review 12(2), 21-36 ; 1988   Read it Online

Building and Construction Trades Unions: Are They Built to Win? ; Social Policy, 35(2), 35-39   Read it Online

A New Alliance in New York State: A Progress Report on the Labor Movement’s Restructuring, Capacity Building, and Programmatic Work ; WorkingUSA, 10(1), 9-25.   Read it Online