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Gary Fields : Publications

Working Papers 

Poverty and Low Earnings in the Developing World,  (2011)

Reflections on My Immersion in India, (2011)

What We Know (and Want to Know) About Earnings Mobility in Developing Countries, (2011)

But That's Not What Economic Mobility Is!, (2010)

Labor Market Analysis for Developing Countries,  (2010) 

Earning Their Way out of Poverty (Outline and Sample Chapter), (2009)

A Brief Review of the Literature on Earnings Mobility in Developing Countries,  (2008)

Employer Strategies for Recruitment and Screening: High-Performance Systems or Diminishing Returns? (with Jed DeVaro), (2008) 

Labor Market Policy in Developing Countries: A Selective Review of the Literature and Needs for the Future (2007)

Income Mobility in China: Main Questions, Existing Evidence, and porposed Studies (December 2007)

Excerpts from Bottom-Line Management (2007)

Doing the Right Jobs Right: Managers' Attributes and Activities at Borders (2005)

Reflections on My Immersion in India (January 2004)

Articles and Papers

Does Income Mobility Equalize Longer-Term Incomes? New Measures of an Old Concept (2009)

Earnings Mobility in Times of Growth and Decline: Argentina from 1996 to 2003 (2009)

Segmented Labor Market Models in Developing Countries  (2007)

Validating U.S. Earnings Mobility Measures (2007)

Dual Economy (2007)

Labor Retrenchment Laws and their Effect on Wages and Employment: A Theoretical Investigation (2007)

The Harris-Todaro Model (2007)

Income Mobility (2007)

How Much Should We Care About Changing Income Inequality in the Course of Economic Growth? (2007)

Minimum Wages and Poverty with Income-Sharing (2007)

Income Mobility in Latin America (2006)

Labor Market (2007)