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Other Publications

"The Connection between Public Transfers and Private Interfamily Transfers," (with D. Cox) ; Journal of Public Economics ; forthcoming

"Why WARN? The Impact of Recent Plant-Closing and Layoff Prenotification Legislation in the United States," (with R. Ehrenberg) ; C. Buechtemann (Ed.), Employment Security and Labor Market Behavior ; Ithaca, NY: ILR Press ; 1993

"The Effect of Education on Female Labor Force Participation and Earnings in Ecuador," (with G. Psacharopoulos) ; G. Psacharopoulos and Z. Tzannatos (Eds.), Women's Employment and Pay in Latin America ; Washington, DC: The World Bank ; 1992

"AFDC and the Formation of Subfamilies," (with R. Hutchens and S. Schwartz) ; Journal of Human Resources ; Fall 1989

"Impact of 1981 AFDC Reforms on Months Worked and Welfare Duration," (with D. Feaster and P. Gottschalk) ; Journal of Human Resources ; Fall 1987

"Work and Welfare as Determinants of Female Poverty and Household Headship," (with S. Danziger, S. Schwartz, and E. Smolensky) ; Quarterly Journal of Economics ; August 1982