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The ILR Credit Intern Experience

The ILR Credit Internship Program affords qualified ILR juniors and seniors the unique opportunity to gain significant professional experience while also receiving a full semester’s credit.  Approved students are eligible to undertake internships in a wide-range of organizations from trade unions and large corporations, to government agencies, labor & employment law firms, and non-profits.  Students intern across the U.S. and around the world.  View student profiles for more information.

Events - Spring 2014

  • TBA— Intern Mix & Mingle:  Join former ILR Credit Interns for pizza & wings to discuss the details of the internship program.   Ask questions, get advice on specific internships, and hear more about the experiences of former interns ¬— 5pm, 116 Ives Hall.
  • Thursday, April 10 —Social Justice Career Fair:  The Social Justice Career Fair brings representatives from labor unions and other advocacy organizations to campus each spring.  The Fair is held in conjunction with the ILR School's celebration of Union Days, 2nd FL Lobbies, 1:00-4:00pm, Ives Hall.
  • Thursday, May 8 — Mandatory Orientation Session for Fall 2014 interns — 4:30pm, 116 Ives Hall.



0347_11_002New!  Click here  to read an interview with Professor Sam Bacharch for his thoughts on teaching a leadership course for NYC-based credit interns and his efforts at providing outstanding mentorship for students. 

Library Resources

The Catherwood Library has put together several new options for library access for off-campus ILR credit interns. More information can be found here.