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Credit Internship Program

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Transfer Credit

Seeking Advice, Transcripts, and Course Descriptions

To receive transfer credit for non-Cornell courses, students must submit to the ILR Registrar both an official transcript and a copy of the official course catalogue description or course outline. Since acceptance of the transfer credit may affect your plans for completing requirements for graduation, it is important that you talk with an advisor in the Office of Student Services before you commit to an internship in order to determine whether or not the transfer credit is likely to be accepted.

ILR Credit v. General Elective Credit

Students desiring ILR credit, rather than general elective credit, will find the process somewhat more complicated since the approval of the appropriate department chairperson is required. Before taking the course, check by telephone with the appropriate department chairman or the program director. After the official transcript is received by the ILR Registrar, the student should make an appointment with the chairperson of the department involved and be ready to provide a course syllabus or reading list, course description, and samples of work completed (i.e., exam booklets or papers). The chairperson will evaluate these materials and decide whether or not to grant ILR credit. This procedure applies to all non-ILR courses.