Cornell University

Credit Internship Program

119 Ives Hall, 607-255-2266

Financial Aid

Eligibility Requirements

Students will receive 12 credits for the successful completion of the ILR Credit Internship Program which will make them full-time students for purposes of financial aid.  Students interested in pursuing an internship should bear in mind that TAP funds are only TAP funds are only available for credits taken under the auspices of a New  York State college or university.Your participation in the ILR Credit Internship Program will not effect your TAP eligibility as you will maintain your full-time status.  New York City interns are required to enroll in a special 4-credit ILR course offered through the School's metropolitan district office. The full-time status of interns in Washington, D.C., is also assured as a result of their mandatory enrollment in the 4-credit ILR course offered there. Students in NYC, Washington, D.C. and Geneva, Switzerland will receive a total of 16 credits for their participation in the ILR Credit Internship Program.  All other interns will receive 12 credits.  Keep in mind that you must check in advance to determine whether or not you are likely to receive transfer credit for any non-ILR or non-Cornell course(s) you might take. This is especially relevant for internships outside of New York State and Washington, D.C. A call to Ms. Jenn Weidner in the Office of Student Services will clear up any confusion in this regard.

Seeking Advice About Your Financial Circumstances

Each student whose financial circumstances might be jeopardized by participation in the internship program should consult an appropriate advisor in the Office of Student Services to determine whether or not such participation is feasible. Many sponsors do offer interns a stipend that can help to defray the sometimes higher costs of participating in the program.  Students requiring financial assistance should make their internship selections accordingly.