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Student Profile

Yelena Shur, BSILR 2012

IBM, Somers, NY

Spring 2011

Yelena Shur, BSILR 2012During the second semester of my junior year, I interned at IBM in Westchester, supporting Global Business Services (GBS), IBM’s consulting branch.

I had the opportunity to explore several areas of HR through my internship work. I mostly worked with the Diversity & Workforce Programs team, where I performed various analyses of the composition of our workforce with respect to gender, productivity, skill depth, etc. I also completed several projects for Compensation, mostly related to benchmarking against competitors. I worked with the Immigration team, as well, where I came up with a proposal for a Governance Council to oversee immigration-related issues and produced monthly immigration metrics.

I appreciated IBM’s flexible culture, as I was able to avoid driving to the office in the event of bad weather conditions. My manager was also very accommodating in terms of taking my interests into account when determining what projects I would work on. In addition, I had the opportunity to learn more about consulting, which I am also interested in, since the consultants in GBS were eager to participate in informational interviews and speak about their experiences.

My internship has allowed me to see how concepts and frameworks that I have learned in the classroom can be applied to the business world. In addition, I had the opportunity to network with HR professionals and to explore areas of HR that I have not previously learned much about. I was also able to drastically improve my Excel, PowerPoint, and communication skills, among many others. I now have a more informed perspective on what classes would be most beneficial and relevant to my career interests during my senior year at Cornell. Overall, my internship has been a great experience in terms of both personal and professional development.

- Yelena Shur, BSILR 2012