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Student Profile

Shira Bernstein, BS '08

Coors Brewing Company, Golden, Colorado

Spring 2007

Shira Bernstein

My name is Shira Bernstein and I graduated from ILR in May '08. During the spring semester of my junior year I worked at Coors Brewing Company. I am from Colorado, and there aren't many internship opportunities near home. Therefore, I worked closely with Ms. Beachler, Professor Daniel, and the human resources team at Coors to create my own internship opportunity in Golden, CO.

During my time at Coors, I was given a large amount of responsibility. For example, I became the HR representative for a team of 20 people and spent a lot of time managing the company's online staffing tool. This was a great opportunity as I found myself applying material from lectures on the job, and relating experiences from work to my projects on campus throughout my senior year. Moreover, working as an intern for credit was really beneficial, as I found that the 9 month experience was a great topic for a law school admissions essay.

Overall, the Credit Internship Program is an incredible opportunity to utilize the skills learned in the classroom in the real world. ILR offers many opportunities for students to get involved on and off campus, but few are this rewarding and life-changing.

- Shira Bernstein, BS '08