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Credit Internship Program

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Student Profile

Seth Warshaw, BS '08

Barclays Capital

Spring 2007


Since joining the Cornell Investment Club ("CIC") sophomore year, I became very interested in learning more about investing and general finance.  Getting a hands-on experience with the CIC led me to take a handful of courses in the Johnson School where I was able to learn the academics behind my interest. After participating in and attending activities such as business plan competitions and finance panels, I felt the next logical step was to test the waters and learn what it would be like to work at a financial institution. 

As a 2nd semester junior, I decided to apply for a credit internship at an investment bank; it seemed like a natural fit between my ILR background and interest in finance.  While working at Barclays, I learned a great deal about what was expected of a junior analyst, what it is like to work in a fast paced culture, and insider tips to better interviewing.  For someone looking to break into the industry, these things were as important as the actual work, which in most cases, is learned on the job.

I was able to use my credit internship experience to land a summer internship working in the mergers and acquisitions department of a large public company.  In an environment where the competition is fierce and internships are jobs hard to come by, the ILR Credit Internship Program is definitely a positive differentiator and one that I think helped me on my current path.

- Seth Warshaw, BS '08