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Credit Internship Program

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Student Profile

Renee Lee, BS '06

Deloitte Consulting, New York City

Spring 2005

Renee Lee


After paying my first months rent and getting lost on the subways almost every day during my first week, I started to have second thoughts about my decision to take a credit internship with Deloitte Consulting in New York City.  Ithaca was cold during the winter-spring months but at least I had the comforts of familiarity!  As the days passed, it became clear that taking the risk and relocating was indeed a better choice than staying at Cornell my 2005 spring semester.

Having had work experience in Labor Relations and Constituent Services, I specifically chose an internship that would be new and different challenge.  Beyond what I had discussed with my interviewer, I had almost no idea what being a compensation consultant entailed.  There was the usual adjustment period in the beginning where I was unfamiliar with how I should approach my internship. I was often left alone and encouraged to seek my own assignments.  Fortunately, by the end of my first month, it was obvious that the world of consulting was something I was interested in.  The work was rewarding and the projects that I was assigned to were robust and meaningful.  Furthermore, my coworkers were a true team and key players in my development.  Prior to this internship, I had never used the skills and knowledge that I possessed from my coursework at ILR to this degree.  All my classes in Human Resources, Employment and Labor Law, and Economics at last were paying off.

My time at Deloitte helped me realize where I wanted to live after my golden years at Cornell. Having had internships in locations varying from Boston to Ohio, New York City proved to be a great place to be not only to grow professionally but personally as well. Furthermore, my credit internship experience ultimately helped me decide on the kind of work that I wanted to pursue upon graduation.  Students should take this great opportunity, not only to explore a new place, but to gain skills they otherwise cannot get in a classroom and to get their foot in the door of some phenomenal companies.

- Renee Lee, BS '06