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Student Profile

Olivia Moore, BSILR '12

NBC, Washington, DC

This past spring, while many of my friends traveled abroad, I had a unique and incredibly fulfilling experience in our nation’s capital. I worked at NBC Washington as a Human Resources Intern, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The HR staff for the Washington bureau consists of only three women, and they made me feel like family. They introduced to me everyone - from the cafeteria staff to the General Manager of the company. At first, I simply attended meetings and completed small administrative tasks. But as I spent more time in the department and strengthened my relationships with my coworkers, I was given more independent, challenging projects.

First, I was in charge of gathering, organizing, and separating all incoming resumes and cover letters for potential summer internship applicants. I answered all of their questions about deadlines and departments and my experience with the company, and even conducted a few first-round telephone interviews. My supervisors also asked me to create an electronic database for these applications, separated by department. Before Spring 2011, an electronic database did not exist; resumes were distributed in paper form. I gathered feedback from department heads around the company before and after the launch and offered suggestions to my bosses for future implementation.

In addition, with my interest and experience with event planning, my boss asked me to plan a daylong event for the 500+ employees at NBC in celebration of the grand opening of the new employee fitness center. Not only did I learn about many of the existing employees’ extensive talents by asking them how they could contribute to the celebration, I was able to add an element of community outreach to my planning as well. I contacted a local yoga instructor and nutritionist, asking them to lend their services for the day. The day went incredibly well, and my bosses were very impressed and excited at the work I had done.

In addition to an internship, each ILR student is expected to write a thesis of sorts. I chose an academic advisor at Cornell, and she was incredibly helpful as I tackled this large, unfamiliar assignment. It sharpened my critical thinking, writing skills, and research abilities and prepared me to take on any task at Cornell and in the future.

Outside of the office, Washington, DC was an incredible place to spend a semester (especially in the Spring when the cherry blossoms bloom!). I lived at the Cornell Wolpe Center with dozens of other Cornell students, most part of the Cornell-in-Washington program. The building puts us right on the border of Dupont Circle and Georgetown. Within walking distance of some of the most incredible food and entertainment in Washington, DC, we had a blast. Also, as a college student on a budget, the countless free museums and charm of the National Mall and monuments was enough for me. Growing up in a small town, my experience in Washington was the first in a city, and I’m incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to live and breathe a beautiful, energetic city for a semester. 

- Olivia Moore, BSILR '12