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Student Profile

Nate Ceres BS '10

IBM, Westford, MA

As a junior transfer into ILR, I wanted to focus on gaining professional experience as quickly as possible while still fulfilling my coursework requirements. The ILR Credit Internship Program fit the bill exactly and I can’t speak more highly of the experience and the benefit to my professional development.

I interned with IBM in human resources supporting Software Group in Westford, MA for approximately seven months. I would describe my internship as an excellent mix of exposure to various HR functions. Most of my work was project based, including ongoing work in compensation that I found to be particularly valuable.

Working in an industry where growth was driven primarily by acquisitions, I was afforded a unique opportunity to learn about compensation. Of particular interest were practices and concerns around integrating acquisitions and ensuring consistent compensation policies across business units and geographies. This experience greatly enhanced my knowledge of compensation from a functional standpoint above and beyond the classroom experience.

In addition to work in compensation, other functional areas of HR that I gained exposure to during my internship included talent management and succession planning, diversity, skills assessment and learning, and HR business development. To truly understand the ILR curriculum and human resources you need to see it in practice, and the Credit Internship Program is a great way to do this.

I really enjoyed the people and teams that I was able to work with during my internship, and the internship program at IBM allowed for great exposure to executives as well as mentoring opportunities. During my internship, I was able to interview for full-time positions and received an offer before returning to finish my degree. I currently work at IBM in Corporate HR as a university recruiting professional.

Given my exposure and enjoyment of the field as intern, I would like to have the experience of working in a compensation role in the future. One of the most important aspects of my internship was gaining an understanding of what I enjoy doing and my future career direction. I would recommend the experience to any student trying to find a career direction to pursue.

- Nate Ceres, 2010

- Nate Ceres, BS 2010