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Student Profile

Natasha Moses, BSILR 2011

Bureau of National Affairs (BNA)

My name is Natasha Moses and I completed a Journalism Internship at the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) during the Fall 2010 semester. Having entered the internship with no journalism experience or courses, the internship afforded me many new and crucial skills and abilities, while also enhancing those that I already possessed. I had many wonderful and challenging responsibilities, including conducting daily research for labor news that was used to write articles, editing sections of the Workplace Law Report, interviewing labor professionals and writing stories for the Daily Labor Report and Workplace Immigration Report, compiling a portfolio of every edition of the Daily Labor Report and ensuring functionality of the BNA subscriber website. With these tasks, I learned how to write, think and present information like a journalist, how to better analyze and present information, enhanced my focus on customer satisfaction, and enhanced my research, time management, and organizational skills. 

In addition, I also worked with amazing, energetic and engaged co-workers who made coming to work enjoyable every day. They were always helpful, answered my questions and enabled me to successfully grow and learn in the world of journalism. They also imbued a level of trust and confidence in me that motivated and encouraged me to expand my horizons both independently and as part of the larger organization. I originally interviewed only to conduct research and write for the Daily Labor Report. Yet, as evidenced in the description of my job duties, my tasks expanded tremendously as I excelled in my projects and as the needs of the business changed. I enjoyed and appreciate being given these new responsibilities as they enabled me to learn about and contribute to other crucial BNA publications and to develop my leadership and managerial skills. It also made me more confident and certain in my abilities to contribute to the success of BNA and any other organization. 

Lastly, and of equal importance, I loved coming to work every day knowing that I would be contributing to prestigious and preeminent Labor publications that impacted labor professionals and firms as they made labor decisions. Daily, I researched labor news and statistics, wrote articles or edited legal information about crucial areas without labor, such as labor grievances, layoffs, unemployment statistics, health and safety compliance and discrimination. My work was significant as it enabled firms to ensure compliance with labor standards, stay informed of legal decisions and trends that affected their markets, and remain continue to operate successfully. Working for BNA gave me a sense of pride, accomplishment and satisfaction about doing a job that significantly and continuously impacted individuals from all facets of labor, be they CEOs, labor professionals, blue-collar and unionized workers, salaried employees, law firms, educational institutions and so forth. 

Having five Human Resources internships prior to this journalism internship, BNA was a new and exciting internship, one which I never thought my HR background could successfully take me. But it did. I learned so many skills, met wonderful people, attended exclusive conferences at the Department of Labor and Chamber of Commerce, and gained a new perspective on journalism, labor and myself. For these reasons and all those I mentioned above, I highly recommend the internship with the Bureau of National Affairs. It was an excellent experience, and I would do it all over again if I could.

- Natasha Moses