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Student Profile

Lauren Pregent, BSILR

GE Intern, Greenville, SC

Lauren PregentWhen asked to write about my experience in Greenville I was stumped. Everything I thought to say felt too much like a sales pitch about the program or GE. What I learned on this internship was that you may find home in a place you had never heard of a few months before. Outside of work, Greenville was full of opportunities whether it was hiking, a Drive game, Friday night on Main St, or a spontaneous trip to Asheville. 

 My internship with GE showed me the strengths I had and the ways I could improve upon them. I was challenged to find welders to fill new jobs opening in the manufacturing plant as part of a repair work transition. Knowing nothing about the techniques involved in a weld, the skills needed to “walk the cup” as they call it, or where to find one presented me with a challenge. Welders were not the only skilled trade position I was in charge of hiring, they were among 6 total job classes I recruited and hired during my 7 months in Greenville. Lauren Pregent and Greenville Mfg. HR Team

In addition to leading the hourly hiring for the Greenville manufacturing plant, this internship gave me the opportunity to implement new hire training frameworks for salaried employees and recruit the second class for the machinist apprentice program. What stuck out to me most about these projects was the trust the team placed in my abilities, the chance to take ownership, and the long-term impact of the decisions I made. To recruit for the apprentice class we got involved with the community. The question we faced was how we could establish a pipeline of machinists for the program and work to eliminate the perceptions many of the local vocational schools were associated with. This lead us to engage in school district meetings, presenting our apprentice program with BMW, and a recruiting tour of local career centers.

I said before that I felt at home during my internship, when in reality I was far from the state of Ohio. The HR team I worked with was exceptional and made even the most hectic days bearable. When thinking about my future, about how much time we spend at work, this team’s support and development lead me to the right decision. My opportunity through the credit internship program showed me a place where I would be challenged at work with a team who I wanted to be around. I could not have asked for anything better.

- Lauren Pregent