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Student Profile

Krystal Bruyer, BS '09

Walt Disney World Co.

Spring 2008


Krystal BruyerMy credit internship was located where dreams are known to come true at the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World (WDW), in Orlando, Florida.  I worked in the Labor Relations department located inside of a SunTrust bank building directly across the street from the Marketplace at Downtown Disney.  SunTrust also houses the WDW offices for Cast Activities, Media Releases, Human Resources Services, Human Resources Compliance, Security, and Immigration Compliance, to name a few.  As all of these departments require a certain level of confidentiality, they are located in a non-Disney marked building but on WDW property.

Throughout my semester, I had so many unbelievable opportunities with this Company that I do not think I could have had the same outstanding experience anywhere else in the world.  To name a few, I created PowerPoint training presentations for an array of topics for internal and executive use, I learned about the unemployment process as I was responsible for processing unemployment claims for both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, I drafted contract language for future negotiations and was able to collaborate with a Union affiliate on a project.  These opportunities have truly helped develop me not only academically but also personally.  This experience opened my eyes to an HR field I knew little about, and it helped me solidify my decision to find a career within the Labor Relations.

Krystal BruyerMy fellow Labor Relations Cast Members have helped me feel like I truly contributed to the success of the Company as I was never treated as just an "intern."  Overall, I suggest this internship for a student who is looking for a lot of responsibility, challenges and fun, all in one package!

- Krystal Bruyer, BS '09