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Student Profile

Julian Hsu


ILO, Department of Economic & Labour Market Analysis


    I spent the fall semester of my Junior year interning at the International Labor Organization (ILO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland in the Economic and Labour Market Analysis Department. There I worked on a literature review of statistical data methods, used data to create tables for presentations on labor market information systems, and analyzed micro-data from various countries. The internship was a great way to spend the semester: unlike in class where your assignment deadlines can be extended and have little impact on the world around you, my deadlines were both realistic and strictly enforced and had full on impact in the international labor market. It was also an excellent opportunity to explore my interests and learn about the practical applications and problems involved in analyzing the labor market.

    The independent research I did on the effect of education on youth unemployment was a very fulfilling experience. I had to look for my own data and carry out my own analysis, activities with high time costs. However what made it such a fulfilling experience was the independence I had relative to similar projects I had pursued in class. I set my own deadlines and research goals. My faculty advisor strictly played an advisory role for my academic questions and concerns. The freedom gave me so much space to explore and learn more about the skills and knowledge I would need to work on other research projects.

     Aside from learning about the labor market, being in Europe was also quite an experience. I was at the ILO with about a dozen other interns from ILR and we would travel in groups or by ourselves. There are also many interns at the ILO from around the world, making for a motley group of people to hang out and travel around with! I went to Nice and Monaco with other interns and spent a few days in London by myself. It was a great experience to see different parts of the world and become more independent.

- Julian Hsu