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Student Profile

Jonathan Kotler, BS '05

Paul Theofanous Sports Management, New York City

Spring 2004

Paul Theofanous Sports Management is a sports agency which represents 30-35 professional and semi-professional hockey players. I decided to do this internship to get a head-start on my career aspirations of a career in labor relations in sports. As an intern, I had several responsibilities:

  • Soliciting employment offers for hockey players, both in North America and abroad
  • Conducting research for contract negotiation and salary arbitration cases
  • Providing logistical support between athletes, financial and legal advisors

Working in New York City is a unique experience because everything is at your finger tips. My internship allowed me to meet players, marketing executives, a team doctor and other sports executives. In addition, being so close to an NHL team allowed me to see games and go in the locker room with some of Mr. Theofanous’ clients on the Rangers. I had access to the restricted union web site where I listened to union leader Bob Goodenow provide updates on the lockout and collective bargaining sessions. This experience taught me a lot about labor relations in sports; more importantly, it has put me on the path to pursuing a full-time career when I finish school.

- Jonathan Kotler, BS '05