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Student Profile

Jonathan Hill, BSILR '13

SanDisk Corporation, CA

In this post-recession era economy, job options for new college grads are not in abundance like Jonathan Hill (left) and colleagues at SanDisk Corp, CA they used to be. With a surplus of new college grads, the competition for jobs comes down to internship experience, intense networking, or old-school nepotism. Thankfully, I had the unique opportunity to participate in an HR rotational internship at SanDisk Corporation that has helped differentiate myself to employers.

As a senior in ILR, my corporate classroom at SanDisk challenged me and provided diverse experiences to develop my professional and personal understanding of the workplace. The US educational system is trying to develop different educational approaches and the credit internship is bringing an innovative way to educate students and supply top-tier talent to organizations.

There were many parts of my internship that made the experience worthwhile. I rotated through four different functions within HR including HR communications, talent acquisition, talent development and benefits. All throughout my internship, SanDisk was very supportive of my professional growth in that I was given a mentor, had weekly one-on-ones with my manager, attended a variety of meetings, met with senior executives and HR business partners, chose my own rotations within HR, participated in off-site HR events, and attended professional development trainings given by talent development. To highlight only a few milestones, I helped launch an enterprise social collaboration tool called tibbr, developed an HR service delivery portal for an entire department, helped launch business software called SuccessFactors, and integrated a new benefits vendor called SolarPower.

Besides work, SanDisk and California gave me a lot of opportunities to have fun. SanDisk Corporation has a strong partnership with the San Francisco 49ers. I was able to attend two different 49ers games and sat behind the field goal. Between the beaches, Yosemite National Park, proximity of Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe, I can definitely attest to the type of fun you can have on a credit-internship. Northern California is the place to be.

On the other side, I was challenged in various parts of my professional and personal experience. There were many new things to learn quickly in a fast-paced tech company; however, the fast pace increased my business acumen learning curve and, resultantly, I would choose my SanDisk experience again, if given the choice. I highly recommend the corporate classroom.

- Jonathan Hill