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Jessica Trombetta, BS '07

International Labour Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

Spring 2007

Jessica TrombettaIn the spring of 2007, I embarked on an internship experience that changed my life. I interned for the International Labour Organization in Geneva, Switzerland for just over 4 months. My internship was with IPEC in the Social Protection Sector where I focused on the “Worst Forms of Child Labor”. In this sector, I learned a great deal about the lack of healthcare and conditions of children worldwide. After much research, I also helped to develop recommendations for top ILO committees on how to lessen and eventually end child labor. 

This internship has served as a guide to where I am today. In Fall 2008, I will begin law school at Syracuse University, where I plan to specialize in healthcare policy on both the national as well as international level. The internship opened my eyes up to the reality of the injustices that exist around the world, and have served as a catalyst to make a difference not only today, but tomorrow.

- Jessica Trombetta, BS '07