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Jade Doyle, BS '08

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living & Working Conditions, Dublin, Ireland

Spring 2008


Jade Doyle

Last spring I worked with the Industrial Relations (IR) team at the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions in Dublin, Ireland. While at the Foundation, I had the opportunity to attend two international events and because of an ILR international travel grant, I attended both.

The first international event I attended was a governing-board meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The European Foundation is a European Commission establishment, and therefore, has regular governing-board meetings with delegates from the tripartite labor representatives in Europe. The meeting included all members of the IR team, international representatives of labor unions, European Commission delegates, and international members of employer organizations. The meeting’s agenda included presenting two new research projects recently completed by the IR team. Not only was the research presentation interesting, but it was educational to watch the interaction between a public research institute and its governing board.

The second international event I attended was a workshop in Rome, Italy, concerning a new research project on governance and its role in European labor. The workshop brought together key researchers and participants from all over Europe to participate in the discussion. There were several professors from universities, top human resources executives, major union representatives, and many other important players and thinkers in the European labor community. 

Jade DoyleThis was a very unique experience for an undergraduate to be able to participate in and has added greatly to my ILR education. I am very thankful for the grant from the ILR School which enabled me to have such exceptional additions to my international educational experience. I would encourage all students in ILR with future international aspersions to keep this opportunity in mind. Not only does the grant make travel more financially feasible, but it is a great to receive encouragement and support from one’s academic community. To those who provide the money to support the program, thank you for your commitment to such a worth while program!

- Jade Doyle