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Grace Guichardo

Walt Disney World
Fall 2008

My experience as a Professional Intern for the Human ResourceGuichardo office Compliance department in Walt Disney World was very enriching. Never before was I part of a group of individuals more committed to enforcing and regulating the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies. The Human Resource Compliance department is in charge of overseeing the implementation of EEO policies and ensuring that no discrimination in regards to age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or disability occurs in the organization. In addition to enforcing the zero-tolerance of discrimination, the Compliance department is also in charge of investigating complaints regarding sexual harassment in the work place, fit for duties, accommodations, and family medical leave act violations. Employees also enjoy the comfort to voice their concerns without fear of retaliation, since it is a protected action.

The practice that I admire the most is the training that the Compliance team provides its leaders. Classes such as A-Z training and Human Resource Compliance Awareness for Leaders (HRCAFL) provide information to leaders about employment laws addressing different types of discrimination and the company's policies addressing them. As the Human Resource Compliance intern, I was able to grow on a professional and personal level. I had the privilege to attend training including, Employment Law, Difficult Conversations by Larry Barton, and Leading in a Unionized Environment.

On a personal level, I was able to build meaningful relationships with managers that worked within the department. They provided with me guidance and advice for my future endeavors. I also appreciated the many volunteer activities that Walt Disney World provided. I was able to participate in a Dragon Boat Racing festival in honor of breast cancer awareness. In addition, I had the opportunity to join Disney volunteers during the annual Walk Now for Autism event, which took place at the Wide World of Sports Complex.

Grace Guichardo, BS 2010

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- Grace Guichardo