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Student Profile

Guillermina Martino, BSILR '12

Labor and Employment Law Program of ILR in New York City

GiGi Martino BSILR '12My name is Guillermina Martino, Class of 2012. I had the opportunity to work with the Labor and Employment Law Program of ILR in NYC. I worked with Esta Bigler, the current Director of the program on the topic of Criminal Records, Race and Employment. I took leadership of designing and organizing a conference for Fall of 2011 which will include research results, and an academic discussion. This required me to analyze data that correlated race, criminal records, and unemployment to determine if criminal records as a standard of employment create an adverse impact on African American males. I researched and reviewed litigation and other literature on the topic including pending cases. I also compared American and European laws and cases. I had the opportunity to interview men and women returning home from prison, academics and politicians on topic to gain their input. Most of our findings and statistics help to create funding proposals for State Legislatures, Department of Labor and other independent organizations.
Working in NYC was a unique experience because I had the opportunity to take a class with Professor Samuel Bacharach, Pragmatics of Leadership. This was one of the best classes I’ve taken at Cornell University, and had it not been for the credit internship program I would not have taken it. Not only was Professor Bacharach entertainingly hilarious but he also managed to demystify the theory of leadership while teaching practical skills. What solidified my experience with this course was a previous course I had taken in Ireland the semester before titled Leadership and Change Management. The combination of these two courses managed to clarify a lot of things I had preconceived notions about. They also sparked an interest of international consulting I had never thought about!

Through the credit internship program, I learned a lot about myself and what I look forward to doing post graduation. I learned what it means to work in a professional setting and got a taste of what I will experience in the near future. I managed to network with many professionals and other colleagues I never would have met even though they took classes with me in Ives. I highly recommend this program to all ILR students. 

- Guillermina Martino